The Terrasonde dielectric soil moisture probe was developed in 2013 by HUSSAT.  The Terrasonde translates over 60 years of combined field and specialist technical knowledge into a purpose built, affordable, dielectric sensor for agriculture.

  • Available in lengths of 120cm and 180cm with 4, 8, 12 or 16 sensors placed at intervals of 10 or 20cm.

  • Built-in underground telemetry with lithium battery that allows daily measurements in dryland applications to be sent to the internet for up to 10 years without requiring battery replacement, or RS485 communication cable giving higher frequency measurements.

  • Leading edge RF circuit design, mathematical model and factory calibration procedure that allows Terrasonde to accurately measure the complex dielectric permittivity of the soil.

  • Incorporates published relationships between dielectric permittivity and soil water content to reliably estimate soil water content.